My other writings on Brexit plus media references

A list of links to most of my writing on Brexit in places other than this blog (although in some cases they are re-syndications of posts on this blog), along with a small selection of media and other references to it (to be completed). Last updated 5 June 2018.

The New European (print articles):

Scottish Centre for European Relations:

Politics means Politics author page (links to multiple articles):

UK in a Changing Europe author page (links to multiple articles):
New Europeans author page (links to multiple articles):
The Conversation author page (links to multiple articles):

Other sites:

Quoted by Prospect: 

Quoted by Reuters:
Quoted by FT Brexit Briefing (£):

Quoted by CNN: 

Quoted by Bruegel:
Quoted by Matrix Chambers: 

Appearance on Australian Broadcasting Corporation ‘Rear Vision’:
Appearance on Cambridge 105: 

Listing in House of Commons Library Briefing Paper: 

Listing on Northern Ireland Assembly site:
Listed on Jack of Kent (= David Allen Green) site: 

Listed on Steve Peers EU Law Analysis site:

For links to my academic publications, including on Brexit, see: