November 2021: My book on Brexit, plus podcasts and reviews

My book Brexit Unfolded. How no one got what they wanted (and why they were never going to) was published by Biteback Publishing in June 2021. It can be ordered from Biteback or via other online platforms, as a paperback or e-book. It is also in bookshops, of course.

Associated podcasts/ interviews

Biteback Chats Books

UK in a Changing Europe

Talk Radio Europe (starts 30 minutes in)

Praise for Brexit Unfolded

Brexit Unfolded is a must-read for anyone who cares about what happened following the momentous decision Britain took in the 2016 referendum. Grey is not a neutral observer, but his analysis is scholarly and balanced. He writes with engaging clarity as he navigates through toxic headlines and political slogans. It will be a long time before this illuminating account is rivalled.” Jonathan Dimbleby, broadcaster and author

“Chris Grey has blown away the fog and obfuscation surrounding Brexit and revealed it in all its stark wretchedness. His writing is thrilling; his conclusions, tragic.” Sarah Carey, columnist, Irish Independent

“It is hard to imagine a clearer, more detailed, more dispassionate analysis of the journey and execution of the UK’s departure from the European Union than this brilliant and readable book by Chris Grey. Everyone who cares about the issue, for and against, needs this level of expertise and knowledge at their fingertips. Masterly.”  Howard Goodall, composer and broadcaster

“An absolutely compelling account of how Brexit first muddied and then poisoned the well of political debate in Britain and left us with a reputation for political untrustworthiness which still haunts our relations with the EU.  Above all, it’s a searing account of the deep failure of political leadership in our country at a moment when it was so desperately needed.” Caroline Lucas MP

“A fascinating, thoughtful, clear and authoritative analysis of Brexit and its ongoing aftermath.”  Professor Brian Cox, physicist and broadcaster 

"Lovely to see this from one of the best writers on Brexit. It'll be a must-read." Ian Dunt, Editor-at-large,


The Other Hand (Chris Johns, journalist and ex-Chief Economist, Bank of Ireland)


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