November 2021: My top sources for Brexit information and analysis

These are some of my current top sources for Brexit information and analysis, with Twitter handles. Of course, there are many others who could be mentioned.

Katya Adler, Europe Editor, BBC @BBCKatyaAdler

Catherine Barnard, Professor of EU Law and Employment Law, Cambridge University @CSBarnard24

Rafael Behr, columnist, The Guardian @rafaelbehr

Lizzy Burden, UK Correspondent, Bloomberg TV @lizzzburden

Lisa O'Carroll, Brexit correspondent, The Guardian @lisaocarroll

Tony Connelly, Europe Editor, RTE @tconnellyRTE

Annette Dittert, London Bureau Chief, ARD German TV @AnnetteDittert

Peter Foster, Public Policy Editor, Financial Times @pmdfoster

Jonathan Freedland, columnist, The Guardian @Freedland

Dmitry Grozoubinski, Trade expert @Dmitryopines

Katy Hayward, Professor of Political Sociology, Queen’s University, Belfast @hayward_katy

Anna Isaac, City Editor, The Guardian @Annaisaac

Dr Anna Jerzewska, Customs expert @AnnaJerzewska

Sam Lowe, Partner at Flint Global @SamuelMarcLowe

Joe Mayes, UK Politics reporter, Bloomberg @Joe_Mayes

Steve Peers, Professor of EU Law and Human Rights Law, Essex University @StevePeers

Gerhard Schnyder, Professor of International Management, Loughborough University @GerhardSchnyder

John Springford, Deputy Director, Centre for European Reform @JohnSpringford

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