Wednesday, 30 August 2017

May in Japan

A short post on Theresa May’s visit to Japan.

During the visit, May said that Britain was leaving the single market because it was not possible to be in it without being in the EU. This is patently untrue, and anyone with the most basic factual knowledge knows it to be untrue. May is either does not have that basic knowledge or she is lying.

May thinks that the EU-Japan deal can be the basis for a UK-Japan deal. It obviously cannot be because the EU and the UK are completely different economies. No sensible trade negotiator would cut and paste terms. Moreover, there is no way that Japan or anyone else will consider any deal until the terms of UK-EU trade are known. Japan’s openly stated preference is for the UK to stay in the single market.

There’s really not much point in saying more. This visit is indicative of the almost grotesque stupidity and delusion of Brexit, something underscored by its being reported in the rabidly pro-Brexit Daily Express as showing a Japanese preference to do a deal with Britain ahead of one with the EU. Again, that’s patently untrue.

There have always been delusional politicians and dishonest journalism. But this Japanese visit of May’s shows, in microcosm, how Britain is now fully in the grip of delusion and dishonesty. It makes May look stupid and it makes Britain look stupid.

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